Landscapes for Afterwards > Landscapes for Afterwards

These fantastic landscapes are inspired by fractals, the American West, and 1950s visions of the future. I try to evoke an anti-human environment that can only exist in the human imagination.

oil on canvas
54" x 40"
oil on canvas
24" x 30"
oil on canvas
18" x 24"
Mists of Vungulus
oil on canvas
11: x 14:
The Cleizquissi Range
oil on canvas
12" x 16"
The Cathedral Formation
oil on canvas
11" x 15"
The Towers of Trasch
oil on canvas
16" x 20"
The Lurdactcus Plateau
Charcoal on paper
20" x 30"
charcoal on paper
20" x 30"
Blinny Canyon
photo of ceramic
26" x 34"